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Examples of typical troubleshooting issues:





Scaling of exterior flatwork can have numerous causes and requires an evaluation to determine its sources in any specific instance.

Excessive and uncontrolled concrete cracking is typically unacceptable and may lead to premature loss of durability. Identifying the cause of the cracking is the first step toward avoiding more of the same as work progresses.

Evaluation of the nature, extent and severity of concrete surface delaminations is needed to arrive at the proper fix to restore the original condition of the affected area.

High Air Content

Fire Damage



Entrained air in a concrete mix provides resistance to freeze-thaw damage, but excessive air content can result in strength reduction and reduction in unit weight.

Structures exposed to fire can suffer damage to both concrete and embedded reinforcing steel. Assessing the extent and severity of damage helps to form a basis for repair or replacement of affected members.

Full achievement of concrete properties is realized when proper consolidation is achieved. Problems occur when placement or vibration access is difficult, concrete flow is restricted within forms or segregation of mix ingredients occurs.

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